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Richmond Bendu Aug 15, 2022
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Memes probably started with cavemen drawing on cave walls, and over time memes have become something indescribable. There is a meme for every situation, but in this post, we focus on skater memes.

Sharing memes is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, so hopefully, you find some skater memes you want your friends to see.

Skateboarding memes can be skate videos, gifs, or pictures with text. In this post, the skateboard memes consist of pictures and text. Why should you answer a question with words when you can send the best memes instead?

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  1. The search begins!

  1. It must be sad knowing you chose the wrong sport...

  1. This is how all scooters look

  1. I got my pizza ready!

  1. This is the worst sight when you arrive at the skatepark

  1. You know this is when half the squad get eliminated...

  1. You know you are going to faceplant in the near future, you just don't know when

  1. This is my favorite sport

  1. This will be me in the future

  1. The best feeling is when a good skating game comes out

  1. When you are over 30 and chill at the skate park

  1. I'll take a burger to go on the way to a hospital

  1. I want my future dog to be like this!

  1. Skate 4 is out soon, lets just hope it's good!

  1. As long as my child isn't one of the scooter kids I'm fine

  1. A kickflip with great form

  1. The greatest skater in the world

  1. Can I get boneless pizza?

  1. If it only worked like this

  1. this is a skateboard meme, but I relate too much

  1. I replace my shoes when I see blood...

  1. If only school was like this!

  1. Cracks is worse than crack!

  1. This is me, every time without fail!

  1. I'm a pro at fingerboards

  1. The child friendly version

  1. Will smith will smith!

  1. Can I speak to the manager...

  1. I will find it one day!

  1. The worst feeling!

  1. This happened to me when I borrowed my moms car

  1. Just stop

  1. There is never enough!

  1. The quality doesn't improve my skills...

  1. Unfortunately only a dream

  1. You need rest, to skate your best

  1. My school hates happines

  1. I would do it, if I only had my board

  1. Allways disapointing

  1. Atleast I still have my phone

  1. God hates me!

  1. If you only do one more try, you're not human

  1. If your girl accepts this, marry her!

  1. Shakespare got nothing on this guy

  1. Atleast fellow skaters won't laugh

  1. No luck, only skill!

  1. No one want's to believe you either...

  1. Not a bad addiction, but still an addiction!

  1. No wonder skaters get high...

  1. If you don't land the trick again, you will be mad at your friend throughout the week

  1. You also get stabbed at the end of the session...

  1. This is a skate meme, but also the laws of physics

  1. This is something that can make a man cry

  1. It's time to step your game up!

  1. You can't escape him, not even in a skateboard meme

  1. We all have this friend

  1. I landed my first hard-flip!

  1. If you know, you know

  1. You know it's coming, but you can't do anything about it

  1. This is why I'm poor

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