How to Tic Tac on a Skateboard

Richmond Bendu Dec 29, 2022
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how to tic tac on a skateboard

The tic tac is one of the most basic skateboard moves you can learn, but it is still one of the most useful to master. You tic tac when you wiggle your board from left to right to gain speed, but it is mainly used to correct landings.

You can tic tac to stabilize yourself when you land too much to the side or when you want to gain speed without pushing. Most people can only gain a little momentum with tic-tac-ing, but it is a fun way to cruise around tight places.

I love to tic tac, and it almost looks like you're surfing if you get good enough. I always tic-tac when I skate with friends that walk, and I can even tic-tac up steep hills.

What is Tic-Tac

A tic-tac is a skateboarding maneuver that builds momentum and speed without pushing. Instead, you perform it by swinging your board from left to right and stopping when you have enough speed.

It's not a trick that will be a part of more advanced lines, but mastering the tic-tac will help you to get more control over the board, so it is worth learning.

You can have a lot of fun with the trick even though it isn't advanced. I have taken the time to master it, and it is now one of my favorite maneuvers to do while cruising.

How to Tic-Tac

It is easy to learn how to tic tac, so you can learn it by simply trying it out, but it will become easier if you know the proper technique.

You need to look into the stance, movement, and balance point. You will be able to build up a decent amount of speed after learning this and even tic-tac up hills.

Feet Position for Tic-Tac

Place your back foot on the tail; your toes should be in the center. It is possible to tic-tac as long as your back foot is on the tail, but moving the board around with this stance is easier.

Your front foot should be on the hardware on the front of the board; it will be easier if your toes are in the middle of the hardware.

Remember to keep your upper body weight over the center of the board; this is easy to execute when you tic-tac on flat ground, but you will need to adjust your weight and lean forward if you want to tic-tac upwards.

Body Movement

You need to rotate your body to perform tic-tacs. Swing your body approximately 45 degrees in the direction you want to turn the board and press gently on the tail simultaneously; your front wheels will lift off the ground, and the board will turn with your body. You will gain speed by this action, but you need to get ready to swing your body the other way.

Turn your body in the opposite direction when your front wheels hit the ground, and lift your nose again. It will also be easier to swing back if you use your arms and shoulders. Lift your nose gently and put the front wheels back down again when you have rotated.

The last step for the tic-tac is repeating this motion. It might be a lot to think about initially, but you will get there with a little practice. There is only one thing to learn after you can swing from left to right without falling: keeping the rhythm. Your motion will be fluid if you keep the rhythm, do it fast if you want to go fast and slow if you want to go slow; it can be easier to go fast if you do smaller turns.

How to Practice Tic-Tacs

You will be moving forward when you do tic-tacs, so find an open space where you can travel without having to stop too much. It will be easy to keep it going if you also learn to kick turn.

It will be easier on smooth ground, but the important part is that the area is flat. You should try tic-tacs up hills after you learn them on flat ground; it is the same concept, but you need to lean forward to keep your body weight over the center of the board.

Use Protective Gear

You are probably new to skating if you don't know how to do tic-tacs, so make sure you are safe while practicing. You don't need to be fully geared up, but try to use a helmet and wrist guards.

It is usual to use your hands to stop a fall, and it is also easy to hurt your wrists, so do yourself a favor and use wrist guards until you feel confident in your abilities. It might be easier to skate when you use protection as well because you often get more confident when it is harder to injure yourself.


You can learn to do tic-tacs within one hour, but you need to practice a lot if you want to master them. Learning to tic-tac will also make it easier for you to learn other skateboarding tricks like the kick turns, shuvit, or manual.

Remember to use safety gear if you are new to skating; it is possible to fall and hurt yourself no matter how simple the trick is.

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