Top 20 Amazing Anime Grip Tape

Richmond Bendu Sep 03, 2022
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When it comes to skateboards, it is most usual to combine anime with grip tape; you can find anime skateboards and anime wheels, but the market is nowhere as big as the anime grip tape market.

The website that sell these grip tapes has three different sizes. They make longboard grip tape, skateboard grip tape, and scooter grip tape. This means that almost everyone at the skatepark can show off their new anime grip tape. The product size varies, so make sure you measure your board to be 100% certain you get what you want.

The grip tape has a 60 grit surface and anti-rip material making it durable. In addition, they use a super sticky adhesive to ensure it sticks to your board. They even have a seven-day return policy, so if you're not satisfied when it arrives, you can get a refund, but this is a feature you probably won't need.

Many of these designs are popular and can get out of stock, so visit their shop as soon as possible and ship a high-quality anime grip tape before the one you want is gone.


Strongest Sorcerer Grip Tape

Jujutsu kaisen quickly became one of my favorite animes, so when I saw this grip tape, I knew it needed to be on this list. The grip tape shows Gojo, the strongest sorcerer, when he is most dangerous, he has taken off his blindfold, which means he is about to ruin someone's day. This grip tape has stunning colors, and even do it doesn't show his entire face, you instantly know who it is if you have watched the series. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Asta Grip Tape

This anime grip tape shows Asta in his pre-time-skip devil form. Even though he goofs around and yells all the time, this is the look he gets when he's serious. Black clover is a fantastic series; with this grip tape, I can be reminded of that; plus, my skateboard will look awesome. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Hiken Grip Tape

This One piece grip tape is amazing; it shows fire fist Ace that is ready for any challenge. Ace is one of my favorite one piece characters, so I'm definitely adding this to my collection. This piece has a lot of details, and the fire effects make the board almost feel animated. Ace will always have a place in my heart, even do he lost his own. I will most likely get this grip tape to make sure that I never forget him. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Tanjiro Grip Tape

Demon slayer is one of the most ascetically pleasing animes you can watch, and this has made it one of the most popular animes to watch. This grip tape displays the main character Tanjiro with a checkered background resembling his clothes; if you prefer a black background, you can easily arrange this on the online store.

This grip tape is a must-have if you are a Demon slayer fan. Other characters from Demon Slayer didn't make it on the list, so make sure to look to see if there is something you like. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Limited Edition One For All Grip Tape

As the title says, this Boku no hero academia grip tape is in the store for a limited time, so if you want this amazing piece, you should hurry up. This grip tape displays Deku using full cowling with impressive details, and you know that shit is about to go down. This grip tape lets me experience the excitement I got from watching the show, and I can't wait for the next season to launch. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Star Platinum Grip Tape

This grip tape is from Jojo's bizarre adventure. I have been recommended this series for so long but haven't had the chance to watch it yet. Even though I don't know much about the series, I thought this grip tape looked really cool and deserved a place on this list. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Boar Head Grip Tape

This grip tape is from Demon slayer and display Inosuke. Demons killed his family, and since boars raised him, he almost always wears a boar mask. He is one of the wildest characters, and you can only hope to get some of his energy while skating if you have this grip tape. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Shiki No Uta Grip Tape

This anime is from Samurai Champloo. It has excellent fighting animation and great humor. This is one of my favorite grip tapes on this list because I like simplicity; if you agree, you probably love this board. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Trunks of the Future Grip Tape

Dragon ball even has two of the same character in the same show. This grip tape features Future Trunks, the older version of Trunks with extra lighting effects. He is in his super Saiyan form and obviously mad. I clearly remember being a kid and trying to go super Saiyan; my efforts were wasted, but I still had a lot of fun. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Future Kakarot Grip Tape

Dragon ball likes to mix the future and past, and on this grip tape, it displays Goku black. Black is from an alternative future in dragon ball and a really cool villain. I used to get a lot of hate from my friends whenever I played him in DBZ fighters; this only gave me the motivation to get the grip tape to remind them of all the times I crushed their dreams. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Doflamingo Grip Tape

This is my favorite One piece grip tape on this list. Doflamingo is one of the most well-thought-out villains I have ever seen. His backstory, the way he walks, and how he literally pulls the strings from behind the scenes. There is no way I'm not getting this grip tape, and I'm sure all other Doflamingo fans agree. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Distance Grip Tape

This Naruto grip tape displays both Naruto and Sasuke. When I look at this board, it takes me back to when they had their first real battle, and Sasuke was considering killing naruto to gain the mangekyo sharingan. I will gladly give away my money if I can get this board. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Naruto Kyuubi Mode Grip Tape

Naruto is a fan favorite anime, so I won't be surprised if this will be one of the best-selling grip tapes. This design displays when naruto started using Kurama's chakra, and it gives me chills thinking back. I personally like it when the grip tape has a black background, so this is a plus for me. There is much more anime grip tape in the online store, so check it out as well. Click here to check out the grip tape.


002 Grip Tape

When I first started watching Zero two, I thought it was kind of silly, but as I got further into the story, I was surprised to see how much backstory, twists, and good plots it had. This is a grip tape I would love to have as a tribute to the show. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Godspeed Killua Grip Tape

This list contains both Killua and Gon grip tapes because their vibe carried hunter x hunter. The story is amazing, but what made me keep watching was the joy I got from watching them playing around. This grip tape displays Killua in godspeed mode. The graphic shows how confident Killua was when he entered this mode. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Gon Grip Tape

Hunter x hunter is a series that has brought a lot of joy to many people; seeing Gon chilling on my board would definitely make my day better. With this grip tape, you might catch Gon and Killua's vibe; as a result, you will have more fun skating than ever. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Ultra Instinct Grip Tape

If you grew up watching/reading dragon ball, you probably got excited when you saw this grip tape. The grip tape displays Goku in his ultra instinct state, with a plain black background. Since Goku always plays around, you know he's serious with that face. The online store has many more Dragon ball grip tapes, so visit the store to check if you find something else you like. Click here to check out the grip tape.


4TH Gear Luffy Grip Tape

Many people dodge this anime because it has over 1000 episodes, and it's still running, but One piece is an anime you can't afford to miss out on. This grip tape displays Luffy's most haki draining technique, bounce man. In the bounce man form, or gear fourth, fluffy goes way past his limits all the time, and if I get this one piece grip tape, I will try to do the same in my skating sessions. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Great Explotion Grip Tape

Boku no hero academia never stops to give, and Bakugo is a character that has a massive influence on the show. Watching his physical and mental development is entertaining in itself, but when you combine that with his explosive personality, you get a great character. I would say he looks intimidating in this picture, but have you ever seen him smile? There are many more boards from the series on the website, so make sure to check them out. Click here to check out the grip tape.


Zoro Grip Tape

One piece will always be my favorite anime; this means it is essential to own a one piece grip tape. This grip tape displays Zoro, Luffy's right-hand man, after time-skip. If you want one thing from this grip tape, it is a little of Zorro's confidence. You can be sure that all One piece fans will appreciate this anime skateboard grip tape. Click here to check out the grip tape.