Wobbly Skateboard Trucks (How to Fix it)

Richmond Bendu Jun 16, 2022
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Skating with wobbly trucks can feel unsafe and weird, but it is nothing wrong with it; if you don't like it, you can tune your board to your preference. Some people like to skate wobbly boards, and if you're not one of them, a quick fix is making minor adjustments to the kingpin nut.

It is a straightforward fix, and I don't consider it a problem, but this is just my preference. Some people like to skate loose trucks, and some like to skate tight trucks; there is no wrong or right.

In this blog post, I will write about the causes of wobbly trucks, some common problems with trucks, and how to fix them.

The Most Common Reason for Wobbly Trucks

The most common reason for a wobbly skateboard is loose trucks, and you can easily change this by picking up a skate tool or something that fits on the kingpin nut, then turning the tool clockwise.

You must adjust both of the trucks to the same amount; if you fail to do this, one of the trucks will be looser than the other, making riding the board uncomfortable.

When you tighten or loosen the trucks, only do it a little at a time and ride your board to find out if it feels right.

Are your bushings the problem?

Skateboard trucks have a part by the kingpin called bushings, and if tightening the truck doesn't work, the bushings are probably the problem.

If your bushings are the problem, they are too soft; you need to pick the correct bushings according to your weight. The hardness of your bushings is a significant factor in having loose or tight trucks. If you don't want them to be loose, get harder bushings. If you want them to be loose, pick softer bushings.

Chart for bushing hardness compared to weight

A Rare Cause for a Wobbly Skateboard

A rare cause for a wobbly skateboard is if the truck isn't correctly attached to the board. First, make sure that your screws and bolts are fastened. If you are missing one screw, you should get a new one, but if you are riding with only two, you risk ruining your hardware. If they don't sit tight, they will move around and make it wobbly, and the hardware will eventually break.

Why are my skateboard trucks so loose

prebuilt boards often have looser trucks and soft bushings. If you got a new board, you should wait to adjust the truck tightness for a few days; they need some time to break in and will start to work properly after a few days.

If you choose to tighten the trucks when they are brand new, the bushings might become crushed; if this happens, your board still works, but it will be less responsive.

Why do my skateboard trucks lean towards one side?

This happens very often to new skateboards/trucks; having super loose trucks or if you are skating tight trucks doesn't affect this. However, even the best trucks can lean to one side, and this is because it takes time for the bushings to work correctly. If the truck position is crooked, you need to adjust them back to the right position; otherwise, they will turn more to one side.

If your bushings are old, it might be that your bushing has been squished; this isn't something you can fix, so if it bothers you, you need to replace them with new bushings.

why are my skateboard trucks squeaky?

squeaky skateboards are annoying, but you don't need to worry; it is normal. If your trucks are squeaky, your bushings are either old or new. New bushings are going to squeak because they still need to break-in.

Doing flip tricks or even a simple ollie can make the board crooked when the bushings are new; they will fix themselves if you continue to ride. After fully adjusting the bushing, they will stop squeaking and stay aligned.

Older bushings that have been used for years will eventually develop a squeaking sound. If you want to remove the squeaking, you must consider buying new bushings.

The pivot cup holder is the last thing that can make your trucks squeak. If you want to make this part stop squeaking, you can add some wax or lube to the area. You need to remove the truck hanger to get access to the area.

Skateboard trucks clicking sound

if your trucks makes a clicking sound, it is usually the washer that is loose, each time the washer shifts, a clicking sound will appear. To solve this, you need to remove the kingpin nut and the truck hangar. Ensure that the bushings fit properly and that the washer can't move.

Riding downhill/high speed skating

When you are riding at high speeds, having control is essential. If you have a wobbly skateboard, you won't be able to ride fast without losing control.

with loose trucks, you will get a speed wobble, which often results in walling off the board and injuries; for these reasons, I recommend using tighter trucks.

if you want to ride fast but want loose trucks, then you can make a slight truck adjustment now and then to get used to the speed wobble slowly.


A wobbly skateboard isn't a problem. Having loose trucks is a choice; either you like it or you don't. A skateboard with tighter trucks will help you keep your balance, but the response will be less.

if tightening the trucks doesn't work, you need to replace the bushings. Remember to check what hardness you should get before you buy one bushing. If you buy new bushing, don't tighten them before you have used the board for some days, they need time to break in before they are good.

A good thing to know is with loose trucks; wheel bite occurs much more often; this happens when your wheels come in contact with the bottom of your board. Wheel bite often results in a sudden stop and often injuries. If you want to know more about wheel bite, click here.

If there is something specific you want to know, don't be afraid to contact me on my contact page.

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